COVID-19 Defenses


As the world deals with COVID-19 and all the ramifications of this pandemic from a health standpoint, it is critical that each business continues to stay vigilant regarding cyber-security defenses. Keeping your eye on the ball is becoming increasingly difficult as businesses scramble to support remote access and other mandates placed on us from so many sources. What can you do?

1. STAY INFORMED. Continue to monitor trusted threat intelligence sources to ensure threats are appropriately reviewed for your business and acted upon through existing and proven processes.

2. COMMUNICATE. Staff need continued and constant reminders of vigilance in knowing that an increased effort by malicious individuals will continue to be the norm.

3. VIGILANCE. Cyber-security monitoring, control, and best practices need to be an emphasis in the short term.

4. HONESTY. Security and Risk departments need to be honest with management if changes are going to put the organization at an increased risk.

Our voice of reason and ability to remain calm is as critical in our cyber-security health as it is to our employee health and wellness. Keeping our environments secure and safe will allow us to spend the appropriate focus on the human and business side during this unfortunate event.

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