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Meet The Executive Team

Elizabeth Smiley Glasbrenner, President & Chief Executive Officer

Elizabeth Smiley Glasbrenner is a co-founder of Smiley Technologies, Inc. President and CEO since 2015, Elizabeth drives the strategic direction and financial performance of the Company with the input and support of her executive management team and with a passion for customer service. Her vision for Smiley Technologies is shaped and influenced by her experience building and managing the Customer Support, Operations, Conversion and Audit functions of Smiley Technologies when the company was first established in 2002. Her previous experience includes both development and special events roles at Carolinas Healthcare Foundation, Children’s Miracle Network and National Sports Center for the Disabled in Winter Park, CO. Elizabeth has a unique interest in communities and helping those in need. She has developed and managed corporate giving programs for her family’s limited partnership. Elizabeth has a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Washington University in St. Louis with a double major in Marketing and Management.

Karen Campbell, Chief Financial Officer

Karen Campbell is the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and has been with Smiley Technologies from its beginning. As CFO, Karen manages Accounting, Human Resources, Facilities, Legal, and all other administrative functions for the company. Karen has 30 years of experience in the data processing field, including programmer and acquisitions analyst for Systematics, Inc., a major bank data-processing company; financial analyst for Procter and Gamble Corporation; and CFO and financial analyst for Smiley Investment Company. She has a BA in Math from Hendrix College in Conway, Arkansas and an MBA in Business Administration from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, NC.

Chris Raper, Chief Operating Officer

Chris Raper, Chief Operating Officer (COO), has been with Smiley Technologies since May 2018. As COO, Chris is responsible for Customer Support, Client Relations, Quality Management, Data Processing and Analytics. Prior to joining Smiley Technologies, Chris spent 23 years in the Telecommunications Industry in various leadership roles focused in the areas of Financial and Strategic Planning, Data Analytics, Competitive Intelligence and Product Management / Development. Chris has a B.S. in Marketing from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro and an MBA from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock.

Branon Fryar, Chief Development Officer

Branon Fryar, Chief Development Officer (CDO), has been with Smiley Technologies since June 2019. As CDO, Branon is responsible for overseeing the development teams and software development activities for the suite of Smiley Technologies product offerings. He strives to ensure quality, drive innovation and velocity in our key services and products to meet the evolving demands of our customers and industry. Branon brings more than two decades of diverse experience in the technology industry as a software engineer, architect and leader. Prior to joining Smiley Technologies, he was responsible for developing next-generation products in many diverse industries including Industrial, Manufacturing, Retail, Education, Healthcare, and Telecommunications. Branon’s core values, background, experience and passion for technology coupled with his commitment to building innovative products and solutions is an exceptional fit for Smiley Technologies. Branon has a Bachelor of Science in Biology with a minor in Computer Science from Henderson State University.

Megan Lee, Chief Product Officer

Megan Lee, Chief Product Officer, is responsible for working collaboratively with clients and internal stakeholders to lead product development, design, and implementation efforts. She is also responsible for managing conversion teams as needed. Megan joined Smiley Technologies in 2012 as a member of the customer support team after graduating from the University of Arkansas Little Rock with a Management Information Systems degree in 2011. Over her tenure at Smiley Technologies, she has also performed the roles of business analyst and conversion manager while developing expertise in conversions, loans, general ledger and debit cards.

Walter Smiley, Smiley Technologies

Walter V. Smiley, Board Member

Walter V. Smiley, has been a board member since the Company’s founding and serves as consultant and senior advisor. He is available for special projects and participates in special task forces as needed. Walter founded Systematics Inc., a leading provider of financial data-processing software and services in 1968, and served as Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer for more than 20 years. The company was consistently ranked by Forbes magazine among America’s top 200 small companies, and Business Week once named Smiley as one of the “People who run America’s 1,000 most powerful companies.” Systematics was acquired by ALLTEL Corporation in 1990 for $550 million. Walter is now President of Smiley Investment Company, which he founded in 1989. He has a B.S. degree in Industrial Management and an MBA from the University of Arkansas.