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Many core banking software companies are lagging behind in technology and even more so when it comes to customer service. Our response – modernize core banking applications and services so that banks can use their data in the most efficient and meaningful way while providing exceptional, ongoing customer service. Because at its core, banking is about taking care of people.

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We Are a Service Business with Great Software

Smiley Technologies brings to the table a vast history of hands-on-experience and first-hand knowledge of core banking needs. We provide a unique, total core banking software and services solution for community banks and financial institutions. We pride ourselves on our exceptional customer service and advanced technologies. We know that service is as valuable as the product. Our solution is more reliable, faster and more efficient…and so is the service that comes with it.

About Smiley Technologies

Our history goes back to over 50 years ago to the founding of Systematics, Inc., the pioneer of outsource data processing for banks. Walter Smiley founded the company in 1968, and at its height, had over 5,000 employees before being acquired by FIS in the 1990s. Walter’s daughter, Elizabeth Glasbrenner and son, Vance Smiley, founded Smiley Technologies, Inc. in 2002 and with Elizabeth at the helm, the company has seen confident growth ever since. 

What is Core Banking?

In the simplest form, it’s the software used to support a bank’s financial transactions such as deposits, loans, mortgages and payments, which help the bank balance its general ledger. These services are available to the bank employees and the bank customers across multiple channels like ATMs, Debit Cards, Online Banking, Mobile Banking and branches. The goal of core banking solutions is to make the interactions seamless for the customer and efficient and cost-effective for banks.

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In our many conversations with banking leaders, we ask one question: “What are the top four things you look for in a core solutions partner?”

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