Productivity Tools

Simple, intuitive tool that allows loan officers and their managers to track prospects from start to close.

Browser interface allows any loan officers to quickly enter prospect information and managers to track and report on the loan pipeline.

Does your bank have reports to complete daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, annually that you are tracking manually on spreadsheets or outlook calendars? This simple and easy-to-use software product helps increase efficiency with recurring tasks and reports. The SIBanking Task Manager is web based and it eliminates the manual workload in tracking tasks, management monitoring, and reporting.
Risk assessments and audit tracking made easy. Simply enter custom risks and other details and the software will risk rate the items for you. Each item that is a certain risk level can then be moved into an audit tracking mode for additional reporting. This tool is customizable to meet specific reporting needs.
STI has developed the first in a line of low-risk, high visibility banking tools that allow you to connect with your customers in unique ways. Your customers simply download your bank’s Shake & Bank app and enters their setup code. Just shake the phone to get an account balance! Great for kids accounts and fun for adults too.