What is Software Spaghetti?


Let’s Talk Spaghetti

Spaghetti is one of those dishes that’s hard to not love. Whether it’s topped with a delicious red sauce or a velvety alfredo, you can’t go wrong with it. While spaghetti is great, it can also be messy and it’s not great when it comes to software. You’re probably thinking, “What do spaghetti and software have to do with core banking?” So let’s explain.

When Spaghetti Code Gets Messy

Recognize the mess?

old core systems interface

This is what we like to call it “Software Spaghetti.” In many ways it’s similar to what’s referred to as spaghetti code or spaghetti programming, which is programming that’s messy and convoluted much like a bowl of spaghetti that’s a tangled mess. Spaghetti code is often the result of a lack in planning, unclear view of scope of work, not following programming style rules or old code being modified throughout the years.

Software spaghetti is a similar mess that’s a result of a piece milling of solutions through multiple vendors and various technologies. And, something that often plagues core banking software solutions. Spaghetti software is messy. But more than being messy, it causes problems like:

  • Being complicated and more costly to maintain
  • Creating a security risk
  • Breaking unexpectedly with no one available to fix the issue
  • Analyzing data is difficult because of the various systems
  • Causing customer service nightmares thanks to multiple connections that equal multiple companies

Core Banking that Avoids Spaghetti Software

Core banking solutions don’t have to be messy, complicated and costly. With our years of solid technology experience, we avoid spaghetti software mayhem to offer a more efficient, no mess banking solution. In other words, we figured out how to clean up the spaghetti code mess and our solution looks a bit more like this:

new core banking system

With Smiley Technologies’ Enterprise System, you get a clean, simple-to-maintain core banking option that makes for a far better customer experience. Not only that but:

  • We manage it for you
  • Your security risk is reduced
  • There are fewer moving parts
  • We’re here to help
  • You can actually get to your data – all of it!

When you’re ready for a better banking solution, we’re here for you. Contact us today to learn more.

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