Core Banking Software Reimagined

Across the industry, many core banking software companies lag years behind current advances in technology. In addition, great customer service in data processing for banks has reached an all-time low.

Our response: Modernize core banking applications and services so that banks can use their data in the most efficient and meaningful way.

To achieve this, we’ve created a new system that leverages the reliability and safety of a mainframe and gives customers customized visibility into the system that is compatible with a range of modern devices. We’ve also revived the high-impact customer service model, allowing you to use the software quickly and effectively so you can get back to the business of banking and outpacing the competition again.

Our solution is a newer, better banking software platform that:

  • Bridges the gap between Mainframe and Desktop software
  • Is built as one product. No dealing with multiple parts, pieces or vendors
  • Provides better and easier reporting by easily accessing all needed data at every level of the banking organization
  • Combines the stability, security, and power of the IBM transaction systems with which you are familiar with the look and feel of modern user applications.

By building on our years of experience and listening to the real-world needs of bankers, we have designed the most productive system.