SIBanking Enterprise Core Banking Solution

Streamline all of your banking needs.

Single View System = Lower Cost to You

Below is a sample list of products offered in the SIBanking Enterprise Core Banking Solution. Call us! We are constantly developing new product offerings.

  • All Applications (Customer, DDA, Savings, IRA, CD, Loans, etc…)
  • Smiley Teller
  • New Deposit Accounts
  • Document Imaging
  • Item Processing (Branch Capture)
  • Wire Tracking
  • Other Data Center Services

Remote Banking

  • PC/Tablet and Mobile Web Banking Browsers – responsive design:
  • iOS and Android Apps for App Store/Google Play Store
  • Web Banking Browsers
  • Mobile Deposit
  • Temporary Card Limit Increases
  • Round Up Savings
  • Block & Unblock Debit Card
  • Goal Savings
  • Telephone Banking
  • Customer Alerts


  • Bank Manager Reporting System
  • Board Report Manager Reporting
  • Report Storage and Retrieval
  • Sonar Dashboard Reporting
  • ODBC connection to Report Writing Tool (i.e. Excel Query)

Stand Alone Products

SIBanking Task Manager

Customize and report on daily, weekly, quarterly and annual repetitive tasks. Learn more »

Loan Pipeline Tracking

Manage your lending pipeline in a simple database. Learn more »

Customized Audit Tracking

Modern audit tracking of exceptions to streamline communcation and reporting. Learn more »

Shake & Bank App

Fun way to give an account balance with a shake or tap – no logging in necessary. Learn more »