What Is Real Risk?


We founded STI on the premise that banks will ultimately become frustrated trying to build their business without the support of nimble and competent Information Technology professionals.

A system from our larger competitors can only be modified through time-consuming, laborious user group testing and analysis. That process can take years to navigate, delaying even the simplest software modification. If you want information technology that adapts to your needs, consider a smaller, more nimble company as a viable alternative.

For over 17 years STI has been quietly cornering this market with continuous profitability, and a proven track record as a trusted data service partner to community banks. Our first client grew from seven community banks to a $1.4 billion organization with 43 branches on the scalable, reliable STI system.

When assessing any vendor partner it’s important to examine the following risks:

Financial Risk - what do the financials represent and what was the intent for growth?

Management-Depth Risk - is there depth in the management team?

Data Security Risk - This is an area where STI has an unquestioned advantage in the risk analysis...compare our network/software diagrams with others - simplicity matters.

Technology Obsolescence Risk - This is a large industry problem. A complete re-write of a major system is unheard of. We did it.

Choosing a data service partner for a bank is like a marriage. It’s impossible to deal with all risks and contingencies in advance; therefore, both the bank and the servicer must enter into this arrangement with a foundation of trust. STI wins hands down on this risk factor.