Core Banking Software Reimagined

Recognize the mess below? We like to call it “Software Spaghetti,” and it’s something that plagues most core software solutions. Here’s what things typically look like behind the scenes:

  • It’s messy
  • It’s complicated to maintain
  • It makes for a bad customer experience
  • It is costly to maintain (overhead)
  • It is a security risk
  • Parts may not work when you come in tomorrow morning
  • You have no one to help you when it breaks
  • Too hard to analyze data from all of the different systems
With STI’s Enterprise System, however, you have a new, far more efficient option.

With STI’s Enterprise System, things look like this:

  • It’s clean
  • It’s simple to maintain
  • It makes for a better customer experience.
  • We manage it for you
  • It is much less of a security risk
  • Less moving parts
  • We are here to help
  • You can actually get to your data – all of it!