Smiley Technologies Participates in Inaugural CoreConnection


In February, Smiley Technologies participated in the American Bankers Association inaugural Core Connection, a special showcase that was part of the ABA Conference for Community Bankers. Elizabeth had a one-on-one interview by two bank executives: Kimberly Kirk, Executive Vice President, Chief Operations Officer at Queensborough National Bank & Trust Co., and D.J. Seeterlin, Chief Information Officer at Chesapeake Bank, as did CEOs of 13 core providers.

Each bank executive asked the CEOs questions related to community banking, conversions, contracts, customer service, innovation, strategy and third-party integrations.

Highlights of Elizabeth’s interview included our unique history that goes back to her father’s founding of Systematics in 1968, our people-first customer service that we feel is disappearing in the industry, our approach to conversions by placing employees in each branch for hands-on assistance, and the evolution of our product which got its inspiration from the organization provided by a Trapper Keeper binder – with tabs and places to put everything a bank would need for their day, folded up simply (requiring only one password.)  SIBanking was born as a 21st-century solution for community banks. 

The video of Elizabeth and Kim’s discussion can be found here.






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