Smiley Technologies, Inc. Appears on Fox Business

I recently had the opportunity to travel to California to appear on Worldwide Business with kathy ireland®.   It was a great chance to promote Smiley Technologies, Inc. before a national audience. We have community banks from across the country that use our core banking software, so I jumped at the chance to tell our unique story about superior customer service and continuous innovation.

In the show, I got the opportunity to explain what core banking means to us.   Our high-touch customer service and our enterprise-level core platform are game changers in our industry. Our redefined, enterprise-level core platform combines almost all the components of a traditional core system, plus the new technology features you need, and your customer’s demand like online/mobile banking for both personal and business banking, a teller system, item processing, imaging systems and much more.

Joining me on the trip to California was Bristel Kelley, Junior Business Analyst, and Brianna Dickerson, Technology Support Analyst. It was a thrill to bring them along for the ride. We spent a couple of hours at the studio in Santa Barbara; Kathy Ireland asked some great questions, and it was a great experience to discuss our business with a woman that has been so successful in media and business.

I want to thank Darrin Williams, CEO of Southern Bancorp, and Phillip Jett, Vice Chairman and President of Encore Bank, for providing commentary of their relationship with Smiley Technologies for the show. We believe in a partnership model with our banks; our partner banks do not just consider us as software commodity, but a strategic partner ready to provide the technology solutions for the bank and its customers.

To view the spot that aired on Fox Business, please click on the following link:

About Smiley Technologies, Inc. (STI)

Smiley Technologies, Inc. is a core provider for community banks that was founded in 2002 out of the need for better software and superior service. The company provides a trusted voice in the banking industry providing secure, innovative banking solutions and exceptional customer service that promotes valued strategic partnerships with its banking customers. The Company values customer-centric business practices and traditions that recall those who ushered in the first big wave of bank technology innovation a half-century ago. The company is built on the idea that banking and innovation can, and should, work together seamlessly. For more information on Smiley Technologies, please visit:

About Worldwide Business with kathy Ireland®

Worldwide Business with kathy ireland® is a weekly half-hour show featuring global executives sharing their business insights and framing the opportunities shaping their industries. Hosted by a business mogul, Kathy Ireland interviews some of the brightest minds in business today. The show broadcasts on Fox Business Network as part of their sponsored content line up and globally on Bloomberg Television. Worldwide Business with kathy ireland® extends beyond the weekly on-air program with digital content delivered on various video platforms and across social media.

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