Cybersecurity & Fraud Chatter


The chaos and chatter around recent “hacker” attacks in the US and abroad are louder and more confusing than ever. And unfortunately, the reporters who communicate the events back to us typically do a horrible job describing the real problem. They skip the hard facts in favor of big headlines and bold statements that are designed to sell papers and …

Are you ready for a network outage?


At STI, we want to make sure that your customers are still happy with the service you provide even when the unexpected happens.

Don’t be Afraid of Mobile Banking Apps


Smartphones and tablet devices have empowered users who are constantly on the go in many ways. There are applications, or apps, to assist users fulfill virtually any need. These utility and entertainment apps almost always receive a welcoming response from the user community. There is one exception that stands out, though; many people still seem wary of freely using mobile …

STI Helps Community Banks Reduce One-Off Applications


If you think about data processing – it’s really just input of data that creates output of data.  The input has to be easy and the output has to be able to reach the bank employees, bank management and the customers in a clean, streamlined way.  Does your system do that?  STI’s SIBanking software was built on the foundation that …